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Water and Wastewater Industry

End-to-end wireless communication solutions for the water and wastewater industry to remotely monitor and manage facilities and operations.


​XetaWave’s water and wastewater industry technology provides secure, reliable long-range industrial wireless communication and I/O products for many applications within the water/wastewater industry including:


  • Tank level and security monitoring

  • Valve, pressure and flow meter station monitoring and control

  • Pump station control, diagnostics, and cyclic changeover

  • Effluent (pH), turbidity and dosing pump control

  • Irrigation system monitoring and control

  • Catchment rainfall monitoring and early flood-warning systems

  • Dam gauging and gate control

Many systems in place today are old leased lines or outdated, unsupported networks. XetaWave offers interoperability with MDS radios and a migration path for MDS and FreeWave networks which enable you to replace inoperable radios with XetaWave radios and upgrade your network over time to a higher performance XetaWave network as budget permits.


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Comprehensive Water and Wastewater Technology

Fully Customizable Solutions

XetaWave offers you an exhaustive range of software defined radio (SDR) solutions across a global frequency range that are fully customizable for use cases in the water and wastewater industry. Our devices are 100% backward- and cross-compatible, allowing for seamless transition from legacy systems, if necessary.

Robust Third-Party Integration

Work on a proven edge computing platform, XetaEdge, that supports a host of third-party applications, such as AUTOSOL eACM, Ignition Edge, IoT View, Node-RED, Mosquitto to improve visibility, data access and management, and insight projection. You can also host your own custom apps developed in Python, Java, Ruby,
and more.

Real-Time Monitoring and Diagnostics

XetaWave products include diagnostic tools to help you remotely supervise, evaluate, and troubleshoot performance in real-time.


XetaWave is the largest independent U.S. manufacturer of wireless radio solutions for the water and wastewater industry. See best-in-class solutions with an industry-leading engineering, sales, and service team. All our products are fully designed, manufactured, and tested in-house at our facility in Louisville, Colorado. Schedule a demo or reach out to an expert to discuss your water treatment SCADA needs.

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