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the xetawave difference

At XetaWave, we understand the challenges
that come with transitioning from older technology to newer, more efficient,
high-performing technology. Selecting the
best technology is critical to success. You
need to know all the facts when making that choice, as mistakes are costly.

Xeta9s new flat 2.png

Below is a comparison of the Xeta9x and Xeta9S-IO radios vs the next generation FreeWave FGR3 radio:

Xeta9x/Xeta9S-IO | FGR3


90 dB  |   60 dB*

56 kbps to 5.3 Mbps
115.2 or 153.6 kbps

Serial & Ethernet
Serial Only    

$600, $700 w/8 IO
| > $900




*Same as ZumLink

why selectivity iS so important

Reduced Selectivity -> More packet errors, increase in packet re-broadcast and network traffic, and inability to maintain reliable communications. Selectivity is especially important in congested bands such
as 900 MHz.

The FGR3 was 20 dB worse than either the FGR2 or the Xeta9. 20 dB means the FGR3 will be blocked by signals 100x less in strength than the Xeta9 and discontinued FGR2.

Trade-up to xetawavE
Don't Wait - Act Now
Receive a
$100 credit
per FGR radio.

Minimum quantity of
5 FGR radios.

Contact your reseller or XetaWave today for details.

Complete this brief form and we'll get back to you to discuss your requirements.

Future proof your networks with xetawave
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