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Founded in 2010 by Jonathan Sawyer, a pioneer in wireless technology for over 30 years, XetaWave is the ideal partner for the deployment of wireless technologies that are proven and lead the industry in performance, functionality and reliability.




All XetaWave radios are 100% designed, manufactured, and tested in-house at its facility in the Colorado Technology Center in Louisville, Colorado.


Jonathan Sawyer

founder & Chief Executive Officer/Chief Technology Officer

Jonathan has pushed the limits over a period of three decades in his design and development of new and innovative, industry-changing wireless technologies. He is renowned in his approach for always thinking outside of the box and questioning conventional wisdom.

Prior to XetaWave, Jonathan co-founded FreeWave Technologies in 1993. In addition to his responsibilities as CTO, he was Chairman of the Board and co-managed FreeWave. Jonathan designed the very first FHSS products which employed modulation, hopping speeds and over-the-air protocols which are still considered state of the art to this day. In his 17 years at FreeWave, he designed every radio and grew the company culminating with an investment by TA Associates of $113M in 2007. During the 3 years following the acquisition, Jonathan worked to expand the management and technical team of FreeWave to ensure its continued scalability and growth from its entrepreneurial roots.


Prior to FreeWave, in 1986 and as co-founder of Inovonics, Jonathan developed a unique narrow pulse wireless technology to enable low power, unlicensed devices to achieve a range of miles versus feet, a first within the industry. This technology is still in use today. In 2005, Inovonics was sold to Roper Industries for over $45 million. In the late 1980s, while director of hardware engineering for Clinicom, Jonathan pioneered the first WIFI type network at 900 MHz for use in handheld computers within a hospital environment. Jonathan’s 900 MHz technology produced an aggregate bandwidth of over 15MB and extended the range of this technology to allow a single access point to provide wireless coverage across multiple floors within a hospital. During this time, he developed much of the Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technologies and protocols used today. Jonathan received several patents for his work.

phil linker

director, customer engagement

Phil is responsible for driving revenue across all product lines and working with customers to understand and gather requirements and XetaWave engineering, software development, product development and production teams to ensure the delivery of quality products that meet the needs of the market. Phil has extensive industry experience. Prior to XetaWave, Phil was Director, Strategic Accounts – Government & Defense and a Senior Product Line Manager for FreeWave Technologies.

Kim Sawyer

Vice President, Marketing

Kim has been with XetaWave since its inception and is responsible for marketing and public relations. Prior to XetaWave, Kim consulted with FreeWave in marketing. Kim has a diverse, strong technical background and extensive sales, marketing and management experience with a wide range of companies from startups to leading technology companies including GeoGraphix, Petroleum Place, Microsoft and Oracle.

erik aadland

Vice President, business development

Erik is responsible for developing new business and strategic opportunities; identifying emerging industries, markets, and new entry points for XetaWave products; and developing a strategic plan to exceed current sales goals while working closely with the marketing, sales, project management and production teams at XetaWave.


Aadland is a decorated US Army Combat Veteran (two Bronze Star medals, one for valor) with over 20 years of proven leadership in operations, project management and supply chain serving in both the military and corporate sectors. Erik leverages his vast experience as a successful leader of military operations and wide breadth of management roles within the oil and gas industry including 9 years as an Energy Sector Leader for Noble Energy, Inc.


Phil (P.J.) Bostley Director, Software Engineering

In his role, P.J. is responsible for all the operating systems included within XetaWave products. Prior to XetaWave and for the past six years, P.J. served as Director, Engineering for Qualcomm where he had responsibility for 6 managers and 31 employees for the development of Open Source solutions. Prior roles at Qualcomm over his 22-year career include principal engineer/manager and senior staff engineer/manager. During his career, P.J. has been awarded 7 US Patents in computer software/hardware and also held a recent DOD TS/SCI Security Clearance. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, with an emphasis in Network Engineering and System Administration.

P.J. brings vast experience to XetaWave as a progressive software engineering director, solutions architect, and engineering project team leader with very notably 20+ years in software engineering. He is experienced in developing strategies for scalable architecture design, facilitating team and individual growth, and in leading engineering projects to successful execution.

matt bassman

director, technical support

In his role, Matt is responsible for managing the development of a world-class customer support department, along with ensuring that XetaWave provides unparalleled service and support to its customers, from concept to deployment. Specifically, Matt manages pre-production and customer application testing, field troubleshooting, and documentation. He also serves as a key liaison between customers and the XetaWave engineering team to provide input for product development.


XetaWave is hiring! If you are proactive, flexible, goal-oriented and a team player with a positive “can do” attitude and have a technical background with a keen interest in learning, we welcome you to apply to our open positions...


Available Position(s):

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