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Military Radio 

Partner with a trusted military SDR provider to facilitate command and control radio communications and training applications.


Military communications, more than any other, require highly secure transmission systems that perform flawlessly in extreme conditions. These systems are key to activities like intelligence gathering, operational planning, and execution.

XetaWave offers reliable radio communications technology to support soldier training exercises, aid in target practice activities using remotely-controlled drones and ships, and command and control systems for UAVs and guided parachute systems.

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Reliable Military Radio Communications

Fully Customizable Solutions

XetaWave offers you a near-exhaustive range of solutions that can be fully tailored to any military use case. Our military software defined radios (SDRs) are 100% backward- and cross-compatible to help support any legacy systems while still delivering advanced communication capabilities.

Real-Time Monitoring and Diagnostics

XetaWave solutions come with built-in diagnostic tools for remote evaluation and troubleshooting in real time.

Partner With XetaWave

XetaWave is the largest independent U.S. manufacturer of wireless radio communications systems.
Our military-grade platforms include world-class, dependable devices that can seamlessly
support any operational radio requirement.
All of our hardware is 100% designed, manufactured, tested, and supported in-house at our facility in Louisville, Colorado. Schedule a demo or a consultation with a XetaWave expert today.

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