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Serial radios, an important component of modern data communication systems, play a crucial role in seamlessly transmitting data between remote devices and control centers. These radio devices, also called serial wireless modems, have revolutionized industrial wireless communication by providing real time data transfer over long distances for automation, monitoring, and control in various sectors.


XetaWave's serial-only radios are extremely capable and flexible software defined radios that support the same RF features as our Ethernet radio families.

Key Features:

  • Broad range of frequencies

  • Class 1 Div 2 certification

  • ​1 serial data port and 1 serial diagnostics port

  • Available in a metal enclosure

  • Board level ISM 900 MHz available

  • Integrated I/O within the Xeta9S IO 900 MHz radio

  • Compatibility Modes support interoperability with:

          - GE MDS x710

           - GE TransNETTM

  • The Xeta9S is the ideal replacement for the obsolete FGR2-IO radio

  • Compatible with all XetaWave's Ethernet radios

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True Software Defined Radio (SDR) offers the largest selection of frequency bands, data rates, modulations, and wireless networking types with user-controlled features to optimize overall performance.

software defined radio performance


XetaWave radios support point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, enhanced multipoint, multispeed multipoint, single channel CSMA peer-to-peer, frequency hopping, XetaMESH peer-to-peer, TDMA, and interoperability with GE MDS TransNET and X710.

xetawave network


XetaWave serial radios include features to secure your wireless network and its traffic.


AES encryption is available to encrypt the payload traffic and the network overhead and to determine the hopping sequence in our frequency hopping modes. 

wireless data radio security

programmable i/o

A board-level 900 MHz ISM radio with 8 independently controlled I/O - 4 AI/AO/DI and 4 DI/DO

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programmable input output 900 mhz


Diagnostic tools within XetaWave serial radios provide the ability to evaluate, monitor, and troubleshoot performance over the RF link.


Xeta9S IO with I/O independently controlled

4 AI / AO / DI

4 DI / DO


Time Division Multiple Access is available in the XETA9, XETA13, and XETA24


Versions can also be quickly produced for 700 MHz, 1.3 GHz, 1.4 GHz, and 2.4 GHz.

What Makes Serial Radios So Special?

  • Reach Across Miles
    Serial radios are masters of long-range communications, effortlessly spanning the miles. When traditional communication wires can’t do the job, these industrial wireless data radios step in.
  • Built to Brave the Elements
    No challenge is too great for serial radios. They are designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions, making them perfect for industries like agriculture, utilities, and oil and gas.
  • Budget-Friendly Connectivity
    These serial radios keep costs in check. Say bye to extensive wiring and hello to these cost-effective wireless communication industrial radios.
  • Customization Unleashed
    Many serial radios offer customization options galore. Need a specific frequency, data throughput, or I/O? Just ask, and XetaWave will deliver it.

Set Up a Demo Today!

Serial radios offer reliability, real-time capabilities, and budget-friendly solutions for data communication needs across industries.

Ready to witness their magic in action? Set up a demo today and experience the future of data communication firsthand! Contact us at 303-447-2745 or email us at

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