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Powerful monitoring and automation technology for increasing agricultural yields, boosting efficiency, and reducing costs.


Agricultural practices have historically been a labor-intensive activity. Automating and optimizing them is key to improving the quality and quantity of produce, which in turn helps sustain global supply chains.

Agriculture data radios, sensors, and computing devices help facilitate this optimization by collecting and transmitting real-time data about soil and crop conditions, livestock behavior, and weather patterns.

XetaWave provides high-performance wireless communications for agriculture automation solutions that let you make informed decisions about your facilities. Leverage our technology to optimize irrigation schedules, conserve water, remotely track and control livestock feeding patterns, and rigorously monitor crop and soil health to ensure quality produce.

Essentially, you can track any set of parameters you choose and set up custom alerts to keep you apprised of any changes. You can remotely monitor these data points through on-site HMI screens or on any portable device via the cloud.

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State-of-the-Art Agriculture Automation Solutions

Fully Customizable Solutions

XetaWave has designed, built, and supported over 1,000,000 data radios worldwide. Our agriculture technology is fully customizable with devices that are 100% backward- and cross-compatible. Find exactly what you need to support modernization and optimization at your farms.

Third-Party Integration

Our company offers you proven, time-tested platforms that are built to support a range of third-party applications, including Node-RED, IoT View, Edge ACM, Ignition Edge, and Mosquitto, among others. You can also integrate any custom apps developed in Java, Ruby, Python, Perl, and more.

Real-Time Monitoring and Diagnostics

XetaWave products include cutting-edge diagnostic tools to help you remotely supervise, monitor, and troubleshoot operations in real time. Our XetaEdge agriculture edge computing solutions offer you powerful on-site and remote analytics capabilities, letting you anticipate incidents and improve productivity.

Partner With XetaWave

XetaWave is the largest independent U.S. manufacturer of wireless radio technology. Work with the industry’s best engineering, sales, and support teams to level up agriculture automation. See a tangible difference to your bottom line with proven, high-quality solutions. Schedule a demo or speak with an expert at XetaWave today.

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