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XetaWave's extensive offering of I/O solutions are key to enhanced monitoring and control for industrial applications. XetaWave I/O solutions are available with or without integrated high speed, long range communications and are compatible with common instrumentation interfaces, support Modbus, and seamlessly integrate with XetaWave networks. XetaWave I/O is ideally suited for process control to monitor temperature, pressure, level, and flow as well as to control pumps, latches, valves, and more.

XetaIO input/output expander


  • 8 Programmable I/O  Available as an option on all XetaWave Ethernet radios - independently configure 4 I/O as analog inputs, analog outputs, or digital inputs, and 4 I/O as digital inputs or outputs.

  • Xeta9S IO  Very low cost, high performance board level 900 MHz serial radio with 8 Programmable I/O. Ideal replacement for FGR2-IO.

  • XetaIO Ethernet Expander  Enclosed radio with 2 Ethernet ports, 2 serial ports, and 1 USB 2.0 port.

  • XetaIO Serial Expander  Board level with 1 RS232/422 port or 2 RS485 ports.

  • Data Concentrator  Converge data from many Modbus services into a unified Modbus map or publish using MQTT.

  • Wire Replacement  Replicate input and output signals across Ethernet, serial, or external wireless links.

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Overview of XetaWave's
I/O Solutions for Monitoring & Control


Add a polling engine, Modbus aggregator, MQTT, and Modbus reporting


Add wire replacement to read input at one location and replicate outputs at another

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