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custom, field proven serial & ETHERNET RADIOS AND WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY.

featured Products

  • 902-928 MHz Board-Level Radio

  • High speed - up to 5.3 Mbps

  • 8 programmable, multi-function, independent I/O signals

  • 1 serial interface

  • Supports XetaWave, MDS TransNET RF protocols

  • Replacement for FGR2-IO

  • Industrial Class 1 Div 2

XetaWave offers Compatible Solutions that enable XetaWave radios to be installed and interoperate in MDS networks - TransNET, X710, SD Series, iNET/iNET-II. Legacy migration for FreeWave networks is offered through the XetaINS.

These solutions enable you to maintain your existing networks and transition to newer technology and the more advanced features and performance of XetaWave products as time and budget permit.


  • Lowest cost in industry

  • 1 GHz ARM | 1 GB RAM | 4 GB FLASH

  • Open Debian OS

  • Optional integrated radio from 150 MHz to 2.4 GHz

  • Optional 8 programmable, multi-function, independent I/O signals

  • Support for hosted applications

  • Industrial Class 1 Div 2

  • Global Frequency Range:
    150 MHz to 2.4 GHz Radios

  • Optional 8 programmable, multi-function, independent I/O signals

  • Compatible with uTasker, Linux, and XetaEdge

  • Industrial Class 1 Div 2


Radios Implemented

(installed, deployed)


Made in the USA

(designed, tested, manufactured, supported)


years experience

Why XetaWave?

  • Reach Across Miles
    Serial radios are masters of long-range communications, effortlessly spanning the miles. When traditional communication wires can’t do the job, these industrial wireless data radios step in.
  • Built to Brave the Elements
    No challenge is too great for serial radios. They are designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions, making them perfect for industries like agriculture, utilities, and oil and gas.
  • Budget-Friendly Connectivity
    These serial radios keep costs in check. Say bye to extensive wiring and hello to these cost-effective wireless communication industrial radios.
  • Customization Unleashed
    Many serial radios offer customization options galore. Need a specific frequency, data throughput, or I/O? Just ask, and XetaWave will deliver it.


XetaWave is a leading developer of the most advanced, cost-effective platform of software defined radios (SDR).


A single, programmable wireless data radio that meets diverse application needs. No matter where you are, XetaWave has a solution for you.



Founded in 2010, all XetaWave wireless data radios are 100% designed, manufactured, tested, and supported at its headquarters in Louisville, Colorado.

industries Where You Need Us

We supply industrial grade wireless Ethernet and serial SCADA and data radios for work sites across the country, some of which are remote. Here are a few examples:

Warehouse & Logistics

Warehouse & Logistics



the xetawave

We are an engineering-driven company.

We invest in our technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to deliver the best products like wireless Ethernet and serial SCADA radios to our customers. The result? The broadest, most integrated, cost-effective line of products that are 100% designed, manufactured, tested, and supported in the U.S.


The team at XetaWave has already designed, built, and supported over 100,000 data radios across multiple industries worldwide. It’s no secret that the best of the best in sales, engineering, customer service, and manufacturing in the industry are working at XetaWave, bringing vast years of knowledge and experience to you.

XetaWave is proud to be a small, privately owned business capable of promptly addressing all your unique challenges and delivering custom solutions. Contact us today to see how XetaWave can help you succeed.

Be Part of the XetaWave Revolution

Why settle for less when you can get exceptional Ethernet and serial data communication radios that are quality tested, reliable, and US-made? Join the XetaWave revolution and elevate your connectivity to a whole new level. Whether you are in oil and gas, water/wastewater, manufacturing, utilities, agriculture, or any other industry that relies on reliable, robust data transmission, we have the solutions you’ve been searching for.

Dive into our World of top-notch products, connect with our tech experts, and let’s embark on this journey of unparalleled data communication together.

Call Or contact us today!

XetaWave News

FGR Trade Up to XetaWave - $100 per FGR Radio!

XetaWave Offers Far Lower Cost, Better Performance & Functionality

View details here

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