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Oil and Gas SCADA

Level up productivity at your oil and gas facilities with an impressive array of purpose-built SCADA solutions running on XetaWave’s high performance wireless networks.


​Oil and gas is a complex industry where mistakes can be expensive. The process of extracting oil from the source, processing it in a refinery, and eventually delivering it to consumers requires an extensive network of infrastructure.

As a result, oil and gas SCADA systems have to surmount challenges not typical in other industries — namely operation in remote locations, long-distance communication, and integration with a range of different devices and data management systems. These systems demand reliable, secure, high performance communication networks that support serial and IP/Ethernet traffic as well as analog and digital I/O signals, PLCs and RTUs.

XetaWave offers a comprehensive range of licensed and unlicensed wireless radios and products across a global frequency range of 150 MHz to 2.4 GHz to support the diverse application needs for oil and gas monitoring and automation applications to help you streamline processes and boost productivity and profitability across all your well sites. Our products allow you to integrate dispersed and discrete operations and seamlessly scale from one well site to a distributed network.


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End-to-End Oil & Gas Automation Solutions

Fully Customizable Solutions

Our product portfolio boasts an impressive range of wireless SDR communication technology that can be  customized for many oil and gas industry applications.

Future proof your networks with XetaWave and find exactly what you're looking for with 100% backward- and cross-compatible solutions that can help you effect a smooth transition from legacy technology, if necessary.

Integrated I/O Solutions

XetaWave's extensive offering of I/O solutions are key to enhanced monitoring and control in industrial applications. XetaWave solutions are compatible with common instrumentation interfaces, support Modbus, and seamlessly integrate with XetaWave and other legacy networks. XetaWave I/O is ideally suited for process control to monitor temperature, pressure, level, and flow as well as to control pumps, latches, valves, and more.

Edge Computing

Edge computing reduces costs and enables much quicker processing of data from remote exploration and drilling sites and pipelines by capturing data locally and enabling operators to make faster, more profitable business decisions.

XetaWave offers the industry’s lowest cost, high-performance platform of XetaEdge edge computing devices available with an integrated radio and I/O. The XetaEdge offers robust support for hosted applications such as the AUTOSOL eACM.

Partner With XetaWave

XetaWave boasts an industry-leading team of engineering, sales, and service professionals that guarantee you outstanding performance and superior outcomes. All our products are fully designed, manufactured and supported in-house at our facility in Louisville, Colorado enabling us to deliver custom solutions and quickly respond to the needs of our customers. Partner with XetaWave for best-in-class oil and gas communication, SCADA, and automation solutions to drive savings and efficiency. Schedule a demo or a consultation with an industry expert today.

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