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Comprehensive warehouse and logistics automation solutions to level up production and
distribution efficiency.


As markets continue to be more competitive, companies are looking for new ways to bring more value to their customers. Particularly in consumer industries, such as e-commerce, retail, and manufacturing, speed and cost are just as important as product quality.

This is where warehouse data communication and automation providers can make a transformative impact for enterprises. Whether you’re a 3PL provider or a vertically integrated manufacturer, logistics automation systems can help you unlock more value from your supply chains and create a competitive advantage for yourself.

XetaWave is an industry-leading provider of wireless communication and automation technology for 3PL operations. Optimize infrastructural usage, empower your operator stations, and enhance carrier routing to improve time-to-customer while reducing costs for yourself.

Our communication and control devices are top-of-the-line, versatile systems that you can use to track any set of parameters and set up custom notifications. These can be remotely accessed through on-site HMI screens or through any portable device via the cloud.

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Versatile Logistics Automation Solutions

Fully Customizable Solutions

Over 30 years, XetaWave has built and supported over 100,000 wireless data radios worldwide. Our warehouse data communications systems can be fully customized to any logistics use case. Our technology is 100% backward- and cross-compatible and can help you seamlessly transition from legacy systems, if necessary.

EDGE COMPUTING & Hosted Applications

As warehouse automation providers go, few give you the flexibility that XetaWave does. Our systems are built to support a range of third-party applications, including AUTOSOL eACM, IoT View, Ignition Edge, Node-RED, Illumio, and Mosquitto, among others. You can also host new custom apps developed in Java, Python, Ruby, Perl, and more.

Real-Time Monitoring and Diagnostics

XetaWave products come built-in with powerful diagnostic tools to help you remotely supervise, evaluate, and troubleshoot logistics events in real-time.

Partner With XetaWave

XetaWave is the largest independent U.S. manufacturer of wireless communication and automation systems. When you partner with us, you’re supported by the industry’s best engineering, sales, and support teams. Create a tangible impact on your bottom line with robust logistics automation from XetaWave. Schedule a demo to see our solutions in action or speak to an automation expert to discuss your requirements.

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