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Xeta TransNET

XetaTransNET mode is a feature within XetaWave’s Ethernet and serial radios enabling compatibility with and the ability for XetaWave radios to be direct drop-in replacements
for GE MDS TransNET endpoint radios.

XetaWave radio compatibility with GE MDS TransNET networks.


  • Higher Performance Superior sensitivity enables XetaWave radios to link where legacy GE MDS radios might not or otherwise would have limited performance.

  • Cost-Effective Affordably migrate from legacy ISM and MAS networks at your own pace with XetaWave.

  • Easy Configuration Configure serial radios through a terminal menu and Ethernet radios via a web user interface - in three easy steps.

  • Future Proof Once all legacy GE MDS TransNET 900 MHz radios are replaced, the XetaWave radios can be configured to take advantage of higher throughput and advanced capabilities.

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Explore XetaWave Compatible Solutions

In addition to supporting TransNET, XetaWave offers you a range of compatible solutions for select legacy GE MDS radios, including the X710, and SDX radios. XetaWave licensed (MAS) radios, including the Xeta1 150 MHz, Xeta2 200 MHz, Xeta4 400 MHz, Xeta8 800 MHz; and Xeta9 900 MHz radios, are fully compatible and interoperable with GE MDS X710 series models, including 1710, 2710, 4710, and 9710 radios and MDS Master Stations. They’re also compatible with GE MDS SD1, SD2, SD4, and SD9 radios operating in X710 mode.

This allows you to extend your investment in existing networks and hardware while benefiting from XetaWave technology that offers you advanced features and superior performance. Transition at your own pace, as budget and strategic priorities permit, with XetaWave.

Ordering Information

XetaWave is the largest independent manufacturer of wireless data radios in the U.S. All our products are 100% engineered, manufactured, tested, and supported at our state-of-the-art facility in Louisville, Colorado. See competitive pricing and short turnarounds with XetaWave. Our near-exhaustive range of radio solutions can be customized to suit practically any use case.

Contact us at or call 303-447-2745 to place your orders and experience the XetaWave difference. We’re happy to offer a free, limited-term demo to showcase compatibility with MDS TransNET products.

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