XetaWave offers a new, patent pending, proven technology platform.

Company Overview

Co-founded in 2010 by Jonathan Sawyer, a pioneer in wireless technology for over 30 years, and Robert Campbell, a technology entrepreneur, XetaWave is the ideal partner for the deployment of wireless technologies that are proven and lead the industry in performance, functionality and reliability. All XetaWave radios are 100% designed, manufactured, and tested at its headquarters in Louisville, Colorado.



XetaWave Achieves Advanced SMT Production with SIPLACE SX
U.S. Tech, July 21, 2014


View photos and videos of our in-house manufacturing line here.


Jonathan Sawyer – Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer/Chief Technology Officer

Jonathan has pushed the limits over a period of three decades in the design and development of new and innovative, industry-changing wireless technologies. He is renowned in his approach for always thinking out of the box and questioning conventional wisdom. Prior to XetaWave, Jonathan co-founded FreeWave Technologies in 1993. In addition to his responsibilities as CTO, he co-managed FreeWave. Jonathan designed the very first FHSS products which employed modulation, hopping speeds and over-the-air protocols which are still considered state of the art to this day. In his 17 years at FreeWave, he designed every radio and grew the company culminating with an investment by TA Associates of $113M in 2007. During the 3 years following the acquisition, Jonathan worked to expand the management and technical team of FreeWave to ensure its continued scalability and growth from its entrepreneurial roots.


Prior to FreeWave, in 1986 and as co-founder of Inovonics, Jonathan developed a unique narrow pulse wireless technology to enable low power, unlicensed devices to achieve a range of miles versus feet, a first within the industry. This technology is still in use today. In 2005, Inovonics was sold to Roper Industries for over $45 million. In the late 1980s, while director of hardware engineering for Clinicom, Jonathan pioneered the first WIFI type network at 900 MHz for use in handheld computers within a hospital environment. Jonathan’s 900 MHz technology produced an aggregate bandwidth of over 15MB and extended the range of this technology to allow a single access point to provide wireless coverage across multiple floors within a hospital. During this time, he developed much of the Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technologies and protocols used today. Jonathan received several patents for his work.

Selma Salihagic – Vice President, Operations
Selma joined XetaWave in April 2013 to expand and manage its manufacturing and procurement operations in Boulder due to increased demand of its radios. Selma has demonstrated results in manufacturing, customer service, repair and contract management with both small and large organizations. Prior to joining XetaWave, Selma was an engineering manager at Ball Aerospace & Technologies and a senior manufacturing manager at SpectraLink.  


Kurt Prunty – Vice President, Sales & Customer Service

Kurt Prunty joined Xetawave in December 2015 with a history of success, sales leadership, marketing and technical capabilities and a strong background in wireless, radio and data communications technologies based on over 25 years of experience within the semiconductor and software industry. Kurt has built markets in wireless and technology areas, acquired and expanded strategic customers, and developed sales organizations and channels.


During his career, Kurt was vice president sales and business development for Amdahl Software, director of US sales for Target Compiler Technologies, and held several positions over 12 years at ARM, Inc. including manager, strategic global accounts, sales and licensing manager, and US business development manager. During his tenure at ARM, the company grew from 100 employees and $10 million in revenue to over 2,000 employees and $500 million in revenue. Prior to joining ARM, Kurt spent five years with Motorola Semiconductor as strategic programs manager wireless systems center and product marketing manager. Earlier in his career, Kurt was a field applications engineer with Philips Components/Signetics and with Fairchild Semiconductor/National Semiconductor. Kurt has a BSEME from the University of California, Davis with an emphasis on electromechanial and control systems (robotics) and a MBA from Boston University with a technology marketing emphasis.

Kim Sawyer – Vice President, Marketing

Kim has been with XetaWave since its inception and is responsible for marketing and public relations. Prior to XetaWave, she led marketing for FreeWave Technologies. Kim has extensive sales, marketing and management experience with a wide range of companies from startups to leading technology companies including GeoGraphix, Petroleum Place, Microsoft and Oracle. She has a diverse, strong technical background and industry knowledge.