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Xeta INS

The XetaWave Intelligent Network Synchronizer (XetaINS) enables you to seamlessly migrate from legacy 900 MHz ISM technology to next-generation, high-performance XetaWave software defined radio (SDR) networks. The XetaINS allows for simultaneous operation of a legacy ISM network and a XetaWave ISM network, providing you the ability to replace legacy technology as needed, not your entire network, and take advantage of increased performance and capability of XetaWave radios.

XetaWave Intelligent Network Synchronizer


  • Affordable Offers a cost-effective solution to migrate from legacy ISM networks, in line with the available budget and timeframe.

  • Extensive Compatibility Supports operations with all serial FreeWave DGR, FGR, FGR2, and FGR3 radios, all Ethernet FreeWave FGR2 and HT Plus radios, and MicroHard IPn920 radios.

  • Reuse Existing Antennas Supports the simultaneous operation of the legacy ISM network and XetaWave network using the XetaWave synchronizer.

  • IntelliSync Detects and intelligently synchronizes the frequency hopping to minimize interference between the two networks.

  • Simple Configuration INS web UI is consistent with XetaWave radios, simplifying configuration.

  • Robust Network Types Point to Point, Point to MultiPoint, Enhanced MultiPoint (XetaEMP), and XetaMESH

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Effortlessly migrate your legacy FreeWave radios to XetaWave’s demonstrably superior technology on a timeline of your choosing. Experience outstanding customer support and superior performance from solutions manufactured entirely in the U.S.

Contact us at or at 303-447-2745 to find out more and to order your XetaWave Intelligent Network Synchronizer.


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